Project MoNET is a web controlled robot capable of creating paintings based on crowd-sourced inputs. It will debut at Maker Faire Pittsburgh 2016.

Project MoNET is named after Claude Monet, father of French Impressionism and celebrated beard enthusiast.

how it works

The Project MoNET web application allows users (the crowd) to create color samples using the camera on their mobile device.


The Project MoNET robot will then paint those color samples to canvas.


Additionally, Project MoNET will eventually be able to create paintings based on images and various other data sources. 


Want to know more? Check out our project deep dive.

Want to help our Project MoNET paint? Use your phone to sample the colors around you and sent them to be painted on canvas!

latest blog post

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People discuss my art and pretend to understand, it as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love. - Claude Monet Hello dear reader. As someone who's never been to a Maker Faire before, this past weekend was quite the experience! Last Friday (10/14,) Make ... read more

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